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General Information

Homecourt Edge Basketball has a basketball program which currently has four locations:



HCE is a faith-based organization that will challenge your child on all levels (mentally, morally, and physically.) We will do our best to teach them discipline, focus, the ability to follow instructions, and, most importantly, hard work.  

Our primary goal is to prepare our players by teaching them the fundamentals that will translate to them playing at any level.

Our practices will focus on game situations. We focus on teaching the fundamentals and making sure every player remains discipline at all times. Our main objective is to challenge each player in a true game situation. Winning is simply the byproduct of dedication to development.


Our program offers: 

  • Youth Travel Teams (Girls and Boys 2nd-HS)

  • 2 shootouts/tourneys a month

  • 2-3 practices a week 

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