HCE Family Member Brian Guadumuz Answers Our 4 Questions

June 5, 2018

We recently had a chance to catch up with Brian Guadumuz.   Brian will be running our newly formed HCE Los Alamitos program and has been recognized as an up and comer in AAU coaching scene.  Check out the interview below.



1. Tell us the day you wanted to be a basketball trainer/coach?


The time I realized I wanted to become a coach was during my junior year of hs. I had a lot of good players in front of me so I spent some time watching games from the bench and seeing the game from that point of view. When my senior year came around i was like the coach on the floor. I took it upon myself to make sure I was always ready and communicating with my team and always being in the right situation on the floor. once I graduated and was out of hs my best friend and his family would always go to the Long Beach State games and I always watched Coach Monson and how he handled his team and what he did during certain situations and to me that was the best part of the game was seeing how he coached. personally that’s what always intrigued me about watching games either live or on tv, how the coach coached his team. To be able to lead a group and work for one common goal and failing and failing and finally reaching your goal is something as a player and now as a coach I that always found fascinating. At the age of 19  I found just as much if not more joy coaching at my old middle school as I did while I was playing hs ball. Loved being able to help out young kids in their hoop journey.  I found joy in the downs just as much as the ups because as coach you always have to  adapt and it’s a challenge every game. It’s always different game to game and to me I love that part. That’s when it really hit me and I started taking it seriously and realized this was for me. Funny thing now is coach Monson gets to watch me coach his youngest son and everything came full circle from that time in hs when I knew I wanted to get into this business.


2.What % of time should players be working on skill development in comparison to just playing?


To me it’s 50/50. I’m a big believer in skill training with actual things you do in the game. Of course if you want to add something to your game it’s gonna take more time but overall I think 50/50 is best in my opinion. You can look really good during workouts and shoot the lights out but what can you do when the ball is rolled out and it’s 5 on 5. You see pro guys talk about it at the combine,  a lot of “top picks” not doing certain things so there stock doesn’t drop. You can’t hide once that ball is rolled out and you gotta compete. Just hooping and getting a feel for the game is huge for a player.


3. If you could go back in time and talk and train the 14 year old "you" what advice and workouts would you have for him on his basketball journey?


I would tell 14 year old me to enjoy the process and work on my game. I was a big time basketball junkie and did anything basketball related weather it was playing or watching college ball or the nba I was doing it. All I ever wanted to do was just play so I had a feel for the game by just playing endless amounts of hours but also watching so much of it. Growing up during Kobe’s prime I would watch his games and then the next day try to go out and try the things I would see him do. With that being said I never really put time apart to work on certain aspects of my game. I would have him work on his ball handling and knowing how to attack the basket. A lot of ball handling drills and simple one move and get to the basket. 


4. What are your goals as a trainer/coach this year?


As a coach I always wanna just keep improving from the prior year personally. What do I need to do to get better from where I was at last year so I don’t become complacent? Sounds cliche but getting better everyday and imrpoving and moving forward and adding new things to apply to your teams. With my teams this year I have my 14’s and 15’s, I want to make sure my 8th graders are as ready as possible for hs basketball. I take pride in knowing my guys will be able to be ready day one of hs because they know the fundamentals and play the right way. Them knowing how hard you have to work everyday and hopefully all of them making their respective hs teams is huge for me. All of them making a team is my main goal. With the freshman team is continued development from year one of hs. Now the competition gets a little tougher and faster how can we adapt and continue to grow. My main goal with them is getting as many games in with them so they can have a feel for the game. We struggled at times during the season because in my opinion we weren’t “basketball players” so I think with more playing time during the summer it can help them grow. 


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