The Shot!!!!!

April 10, 2018


On Sunday, April 1st, 2018, something both notable and remarkable happened. On Sunday, Notre Dame and Mississippi State were facing off in the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship game, which was very exciting, I might add.


This game was the most exciting and it was very interesting to observe. Notre Dame snatched the game back midway through the second half, sending Mississippi's lead plummeting back to the ground. Arike Ogunbowale was a key piece, along with Jessica Shepard, in getting the lead back up. They succeeded in their goal and tied the score 58-58 with forty seconds left in the final quarter.  


The plays leading up to the big shot were crucial for Mississippi State. Blair Schafer drove to the basket and being double teamed, she lobbed the ball up to 6"8 center Teaira McCowan.  Teaira missed the layup that could've shut the game down and Arike Ogunbowale stole the rebound, shot the layup, missed,  and didn't get a foul call. Morgan Williams quickly took the ball back and was brutally fouled at halfcourt, but with no call. Mississippi called a timeout, but it was Notre Dame's ball.  The closing play to end the game was originally for Jessica Shepard, who had been having a better game down in the post. But Mississippi read it well and doubled. Arike ran up to the ball along the right wing, with Victoria Vivians desperately fronting her. It was too late. 


Arike launched the ball as soon as she caught it and it dropped in just as the buzzer sounded. That was game and Notre Dame won the championship. Previously, against UConn in the Final Four, Arike scored a basket similar to this one, also ending the game for UConn giving them another incomplete season, as Mississipi beat them last year. 


Congratulations to Notre Dame, and special congratulations to Arike Ogunbowale, for being the star that saved the game.


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