March Madness

March 21, 2018



Two Saturdays ago, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting, and taking a picture with Miss Monique Billings at the last game of the Bishop Montgomery Girl's Varsity Basketball team. The game was very close, and the ladies did an amazing job, but unfortunately lost and did not make it to the state finals. I first heard of Monique Billings around sometime last year, when I went to a UCLA home game. Now, I'll admit: when my grandmother took me the first few times, I did not, in the least, pay attention. I remember reading while the game was going on because it bored me. Around that time, I still had not found a true love for the sport itself. Although I hadn't found a love for the sport, I still played on multiple teams and made good company with some of the girls, leading to an invite. My friend was planning to celebrate her birthday by taking me, and two other girls from the team, to a UCLA home game with great seats, I might add. The second Monique Billings jumped for the ball, I was mesmerized. She moved so well when she was playing center, or when she stayed at the top for a few seconds. She was very fluent in whatever she did, and I only saw her miss one layup. Not to mention, she is very pretty. I remember being completely immersed in that game. There was also one special moment that I'm sure everyone talked about: She attempted to dunk the ball from very far away.  The only reason the ball didn't go in was that of the angle. If it hadn't been for that, she would have made an even bigger splash than she already had. The crowd cheered as if the ladies had scored the best basket possible. But the funny thing is, she didn't score. After the attempted dunk, a timeout was called and the arena was screaming with cheers for her. Ever since that game, I've been back a couple times, and I always search for her. What she does. How she moves. I study it and I do my best to apply. I had also been trying to get a picture with her for a while. The last game I had gone to, I was trying so hard to get through the crowd that surrounded her to get a picture, but my family and I had to leave, and I was crushed.  Last Saturday my wish was granted. I took a picture with Miss Billings after the game, and she even asked my name. I was so happy and delighted to finally meet Miss Billings and I can't wait to see her again.

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