March 8, 2018


Today’s blog post will be about the new Marvel movie, Black Panther.  Black Panther is the first black superhero-based movie with an almost all black cast. This movie has done a lot for the black community and it’s inhabitants. The star, Chadwick Boseman, has stated that this movie will have ‘such a huge impact on the black community because young, black children can see themselves as a superhero.’ The movie has received about 98 percent of positive reviews and made over a 168 million dollars opening weekend.


Black Panther is about a young man named T’Challa, aka Black Panther, who becomes king after his father’s, T’Chaka, death. Alongside his ex-girlfriend, Nakia, and his sister, Shuri, he takes the throne eagerly and performs to the best of his abilities to protect Wakanda. Wakanda is a hidden country that the outside world cannot access, and also where T’Challa and his subjects thrive. Wakanda is especially known to the outside world for it’s precious metal, called vibranium.  The country is well-organized under his reign until he receives some news about an old enemy. The enemy is eventually caught by T’Challa’s newest challenge: Erik Killmonger, also known as Prince N’Jobu. T’Challa discovers that they are related and the fight for the throne becomes more intense. T’Challa is temporarily wounded while Killmonger rises to the throne and attempts to use almost all of the vibranium. In the end, Killmonger fails as Black Panther stabs him. He was offered a chance to live while in imprisonment, but Killmonger chooses to die. The movie ends with T’Challa and Nakia reconciling and Wakanda is safe for the moment.



The movie is a very big deal to not only the black community, but the world. The movie had an almost-all black cast, with the exception of two white actors. The director, black as well, is named Ryan Coogler. Ryan got all positive reviews for how he directed the movie and the cast. Almost all of the cast members stated in their interviews that the movies with ‘black and brown people either aren’t going to make a lot of money, or you won’t hear about it. Ever.’.  The impact this movie had on the world is unexplainable. Social media rates went up the night before Black Panther came out. It has become a favorite worldwide.


As for the cast, they are all very happy with the outcome and they all say the roles were fun parts. This movie has made a positive impact and it will change the black community as we know it.

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