GQ-6 sponsorship with Homecourt Edge

April 18, 2016


Homecourt Edge Basketball is pleased to announce that its new GQ-6 sponsorship. This sponsorship means that they will provide product for all of players who participate in all basketball training programs as well as the players for the HCE travel ball teams.


GQ-6 is a sports performance drink that provides proper hydration. It’s important, not only for normal body functions but it improves power and recovery as well. And, there is scientific proof that the properly hydrated athlete will consistently outperform the ones that are not. GQ-6 can also be purchased in all GNC stores throughout the United States


"I think this will be a great benefit to our program.  It enables us to provide the proper nutrition and hydration to all of our young athletes, it definitely will take Homecourt Edge to the next level," said Homecourt Edge C.E.O JaredLloyd.

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