HCEFIT Online Basketball Training has designed a basketball training program that will maximize any players abilities and help them achieve their goals.  HCEFIT members will receive workouts with daily instruction and will have access to the coaching staff should they need any extra assistance.

What is HCEFIT?

HCEFIT is an online training system that follows Homecourt Edge Basketball program built on all game situation training, concepts and movements.  HCEFIT workouts are built around players of all skill levels and main focus is to create and/or enhance a solid foundation that is reinforced daily through the idea of deliberate practice.

Who is it for?

Any player that has a passion for the game that wants to take his or her game to the next level.  HCEFIT students will be held accountable for working hard will completing the workouts daily so they will be able to continuously progress in the program.

What are the benefits?


IMPROVED CONDITIONING: longer sustained performance at peak capability.

IMPROVE STRENGTH & QUICKNESS: get stronger physically & increased athleticism.

BETTER BALL HANDLING: improved offensive production and efficiency using the dribble.

REFINED SHOOTING MECHANICS: improves shot accuracy and consistency.

What's Included?

  • 7 day a week workout plan for all ages and skill levels

  • Different classes are available based on age and skill level

  • Live workouts

  • Inspirational Videos

  • Quizzes

  • Film Breakdown 

  • Challenges

  • Full unlimited access to our HCEFIT Online Library


How does it work?

Upon signup, players will be granted access the HCEFIT page. Players will receive a schedule and view their workouts as well as the HCE coaches & players demonstrating each drill addressing the key points within to maximize development in the system.


Message from Coach Jared

Homecourt Edge Basketball is excited to present our HCEFIT Online Basketball Training system and expect it to be a great tool in helping our students maximize their abilities and simply just to have fun through this difficult time in our country.  Please come and join the HCE family!

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Training Durations:


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